"Gypsy Spirit" Art Journal

I can't believe this project is FINALLY done!  I have been working on this little journal for about five years on and off.  I never thought I'd finish it.

It sat three-quarters done for the longest time.  I deliberately left it sitting out on my workspace so I would feel guilty about leaving it undone and do something about it.  That was at least five years ago.  To make matters worse, from a procrastination standpoint anyway, I even packed it up, still unfinished, when we moved from Vancouver Island back to the Okanagan Valley two years ago.  Then, when my studio space was done here, I unpacked it and AGAIN put it out on my limited workspace.  I knew I would have to see it regularly if there was any chance of it getting done.

Well, finally the last few finishing touches have been done and it is complete.  It measures about 4.5" X 6.5" and has twelve pages (not including the front and back covers).  "Gypsy Spirit" is an homage to those with a restless, wandering soul.  It has several quotes in it about gypsies.  I used a lot of vintage images from my huge collection of Victorian and Edwardian ephemera for this project.  These beauties lent themselves very well to the project.

Also used were all kinds of salvaged art supplies and embellishments that had been headed to the trash when I acquired them.  Ironically enough, I think the journal itself was from Seven Gypsies but it's been so long I can't be sure.  The string closure for the journal has been embellished with a beaded dangle featuring a glitzified recycled puzzle piece and salvaged ribbon in red and purple (see last two photos).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at this project.  I will be listing it in my Etsy store but if you are interested prior to it getting there, just send me a message.  It will sell for $79.95US and if you purchase it here through my blog, I will cover shipping costs (saving you approximately $10-$12) anywhere in North America.

Many thanks, as always, for your support of my artistic endeavors!



Jane said...

You are amazing. Stupendous work!

Jacqueline said...

THAT is simply stunning!! Congratulations on such lovely work! :D

Jackie x

Joanna Grant said...

Thank you so much, Jane and Jacqueline. It was A LOT of work but I am very happy with the results. Cheers! Joanna

Sharon said...

How can you bear to sell it? So much work...it is amazing!!

Joanna Grant said...

Well, Sharon, I think it's about time it found a good home. I have never had any trouble selling my art. In fact, I often have to remind myself that it would be okay, now and then, to actually keep what I make. I guess it is the entrepreneur in me always thinking about business!

Coleen said...

Beautiful, Joanna. And I'm sure a bit hard to let go. Or maybe not after all that time. A prize for anyone.
Coleen in Ukraine

Anonymous said...

What a great book! Wonderful job.