Cool Digital Images From Retro Cafe Art

My artsy friend, Kristin Hubick, has a fantastic online art supply store called Retro Cafe Art.  She carries a wide line of supplies for the mixed media artist and her prices are very reasonable.

Kristin and I have been online friends for about 10 years or so and met through the Ebay art group, VariaZioNE in the early 2000s.  At the time, Kristin was making awesome art, working a regular job AND starting her fledgling online business.  She now has a VERY successful online business and focuses on that solely (goodbye, regular job!).

In the following two mixed media/collage pieces, I have used Kristin's escutcheon plate digital images.  I have a number of other digital images from Kristin's collection and they are always high quality.  I'll share some of my other art pieces made with her supplies another time but for now, I hope you enjoy these two.  If you visit her site be sure to tell her that her "Auntie B" (short for "Auntie Banana") sent you!


"Goddess Of Light"  Mixed Media/Collage Art With Recycled Materials

"Dream Realms"  Mixed Media/Collage Art With Recycled Materials

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