Guest Artist - Judy Wood

Hello and welcome back!  It's my pleasure today to present an interview done recently with the talented, Judy Wood, of Mesa, Arizona.  Judy is a multi-media artist and a woman of many talents.

I hope you'll enjoy getting to know Judy a bit better and seeing some of her wonderful art.  Thank you so much, Judy, for sharing a bit of yourself with us!


Interview With Judy Wood

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a long time resident of sunny Arizona.  I am happily married with two grown kids and a myriad of grandchildren, including two new grand daughters born in 2013.  I am a mixed media artist with a degree in painting from Arizona State University.  I started college later than most, when my youngest son started kindergarten. 

How long have you been making art?

My grandmother was a mixed media artist, everything from basket weaving to decoupage.  My dad is a retired photographer.  We always had art supplies around the house.  Like most kids, one of my favorite mediums growing up was crayon on paper.  The paper was furnished by my grandmother; she worked in an envelope factory in Portland, Oregon.  She would send us boxes of "windows", the cut outs from envelopes.  I'd be the first one up on Saturday morning, I'd turn on the TV and draw, cut, create by the hour while watching Saturday morning cartoons.  I took an art class in high school, I really enjoyed mixing paint.  That's when I really started to create what I called "art!"

What is/are your favorite medium/media to work in?  Why?

I've dabbled in almost every area: printmaking, photography, sculpture, jewelry, papermaking, watercolor, acrylic painting and I've worked in wood and bronze.  There is nothing I won't try in the field of art.  Something that is on my "bucket list" is to find the perfect simple line.  I draw or paint almost daily.  Sometimes I can't duplicate exactly what I see in my mind's eye, but I'm usually pleased with the unexpected results of my efforts.

What are your favorite art supplies to work with and why?

Watercolor is my absolute favorite, it's so unpredictable?  Last summer I worked on a technique that's always elude dme.  I had two studios set up during the summer, one in my art room and one in my dining room.  If I woke up early, let's say for example four a.m., I'd go into the dining room.  Everything was already set up, even the water, and I'd paint until others in the house awoke.  It was so refreshing to get an early start.

I also love taking photos!  I like to take something so mundane and make it interesting, through composition or creative editing.

Who or what inspires you in your art?

I love to study the old masters; Van Gogh, Monet, da Vinci, Degas, and so many others.  I love studying the color schemes and compositions of old masters.  When I was assigned an official "Old Masters Study" in college, I stuied the work of pop artist, Claes Oldenburg.  Pop art is so fun and colorful!  I learned so much copying the details, color schemes, subject matter of various pop artists.  I created a series of light bulbs in the part, in bright colored acrylics.  The set was sold to a stockbroker!

What are your greatest challenges in making art?

Wall space!  We bought a lovely home 14 years ago, I wasn't going to hang artwork except in the "gallery."  I was painting so much and so large that walls began to fill!  Sometimes people would come over and see lots of nails on the wall and inquire about the missing artwork.  Some of my largest pieces have had shows at galleries and shops.  It's a nice topic of conversation.

How has being an artist impacted your life?

Good question!  I have the freedom to create!  I am a mixed media artist and writer, but most importantly, I enjoy teaching others my techniques!  Nothing I make, even my own "shimmery backgrounds" is off limits, ask a question how I make ANYTHING and I will tell you!  My sons are both artists and musicians.  We took them everywhere with us, museums, movies, operas, symphonies, art festivals, musicals, the list goes on.  My greatest joy is influencing my children to become more than I've ever hoped to be!

If you couldn't make art, what would you do instead?

I would love to find more time to write, and write and write.  I am a poet, I "tweet" two micro poems almost every day.  I am also sel- publishing my book of autobiographical poetry.  My book has some of my photos and artwork included.  I also love teaching.  There weren't any jobs in the arts when I got my masters degree in secondary education so I work as a full time high school substitute teacher.  I work almost every day and love to encourage students to do their best, go to college or find out what they are passionate about and do that for a living.

Where do you see yourself as an artist in five years?  Ten years?

Life is a mystery, I don't know what my future holds.  I hope to be a well rounded mixed media artist.  I'd love to show my work in a variety of locations, in and out of our lovely state.  My dream job is to be an educational director at a local museum.

What advice to you have for others just starting on their creative journey?

Don't hold back!  If you can visualize it, you can create it!

Judy's Domino Collages:

"One of the household items I use in collage is dominoes.  I've made mini books and pendants, but I just can't get enough of making altered domino collages.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I have instructions on how to make your own domino collage on my blog at :  "

You can find Judy here:

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