Altered Spoon Art

It's true.  Nothing is safe in my household from being altered into something artsy.  Even something as humble as a wooden spoon.

I took a plain wooden spoon and used a variety of rubber stamps to embellish it.  The saying is one of my favourites, "Bloom Where You Are Planted."

I then took a silk flower that had been discarded and paired it up with a handmade clay face cabochon and glued it to the bowl of the spoon.  Some funky fibers were also added for additional textural interest.

Magnets were added to the back so that it can be displayed as "kitchen art."


Erin Fish said...

Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! This is so unique. I love it!

Joanna Grant said...

You are too kind, Erin! My husband would say it's a warped mind.