Hi again everyone!

Like my post last week, this project was another collaborative one, this time with my arty friend, the talented Judy Wood.  

Judy sent me this beautiful background to work with.  It's about 8" X 10" on watercolor paper.  The colors are just gorgeous and the scans really don't do it justice.  It has a beautiful metallic sheen to it.  It's also highly textural.  Judy said to me that she saw a beach scene when she looked at it (in landscape format, obviously).  I turned it to portrait format and began to see possibilities of my own.

The first thing I did was take some of my gelli print scraps and collaged them on to the background (far left and far right of the piece).  Down the center, I added some collage elements (courtesy Teesha Moore).

Next, I added a couple more of Teesha's collage elements to the bottom right and upper left.

The next step was to use an old credit card and white acrylic paint to get the streak effect running vertically down the piece.

 I added my central character next.  Her body is another Teesha collage element and her head is an image from an old catalog.

More collage elements (upper left corner and upper right of the piece) and some additional elements added to the body, including a black outline in china marker to make the central image stand out a bit more.

In the next step I added another character to the right side of the piece (she's made up of a couple of different elements).  I also added some of my own handmade art doodle circles. 

Next, I painted the stars in gold Silks (shimmery acrylics) and used some recycled scrapbooking supplies for the dangles the stars hang from.  And finally I added some doodling to highlight areas of the piece.

I was amazed how quickly this piece came together.  Very often when I am working on collaborative pieces with other artists, it seems to take forever to get going on it.  This one came together in a matter of a few hours and was done.  Obviously, I was in "the zone" when this opportunity came my way.

Thank you, dear Judy, for this fun project to work on together. I  hope you like the final result.

Thanks for looking and I'll see you all next time.



Hi All;

A few months ago I posted about how my dear art pal, Ginny Markley, took a half-finished piece of my art and made a stunning finished masterpiece with it.  We had traded each other a partially done piece of art for the other to finish and return.  Here's the link to that post:

Ginny Markley & Joanna Grant Collaborative Art - Part I

Anyway, it's taken me this long to get time to do a blog post on Ginny's piece she sent for me to work on.

Here is what it looked like when I got it.  It's about 8" X 10".  Ginny used gelli prints and assorted collage elements to get the piece to this point.

I sat for quite a while trying to figure out what to do with this piece.  There's more pressure on you than you'd think when it's somebody else's work and you don't want to mess it up with a wrong step.  I finally just decided to dive in and not worry about that. 

I started with a bit of doodling and then used a scrap of corrugated cardboard and white acrylic paint to  make the marks you see on the left side of the piece.

Next, I added some of my gelli print flower cutouts to her dress to jazz it up a bit and legs to the little character on the right.

Then, I continued to work on the little character on the right, building up its outfit.  I also added some black outlining to her dress to make it stand out a bit more and some highlighting of the gelli print flowers.

After that, I added some doodling and a funky little collage element for her hair.  Some gold metallic acrylic paint went into the background near her right hand.  Her bracelet got a facelift too.

Then, I stenciled some hearts in purple and red Silks (shimmery acrylics).  They  "hang" from some recycled scrapbooking sticker doodads. 

Next, I added some funky flowers to the lower left, using reclaimed scrapbooking doodads and some checkerboard paper for the stems.  She also got a groovy necklace (more reclaimed scrapbooking supplies).  

Lastly, I added a funky border to the top of the piece, along with some collage elements on the left (blue and white squares).  The quote was the very last thing to be added.

This was a very fun project to do with Ginny, even though it took me a few months to actually complete it.  I'm glad she was so patient with me.  If you'd like to see more of Ginny's wonderful work, you can find her blog here.

Playing With Paint - Ginny Markley

I hope you enjoyed seeing the process this collaborative piece went through from start to finish.

Cheers, my friends!