Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I love glitter and all things sparkly and shiny.  But every once in a while I overdo it on the glitter.  This art journal page was a case in point.

"Invest In Yourself," as this piece is called, is another of those background practice pages we did in Color Love 101 with the awesome Joanne Sharpe. It was a lesson in creating wavy lines (she calls them "whimsy grids") with paints and then doodling, writing, painting over and around them.

The page just sat around for months in my journal with only the whimsy grids, a bit of doodling and the color laid down.  Recently I added bits of recycled napkins (the dark purple areas), then stencilled the yellow flowers and smeared purple glitter everywhere (which hardly shows up in the photo).

The faces of the flowers are flattened bottlecaps, with stamped images and a resin doodad on top.

Note to self: next time, do the lettering and highlighting BEFORE you add all the sparkly sh*t! Writing over glitter is IMPOSSIBLE!

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