"Discard Divas" Altered Art

I did a whole series of "Discard Divas" who were all made from a variety of recycled materials, hence their name.

These two examples were created by altering laminate samples from the hardware store.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Laminate samples, like the kind you'd take home to see how they'd look in your kitchen if you were thinking of  replacing your countertops.  These sample pieces were about 4" X 5" but most you'll see in the hardward store are much smaller.  They make a great base onto which to create small art because they are very sturdy and have nice finished edges.  The hole in the top makes for ease of display once they are turned into some fun and funky altered art.

I used paint, inks and stamped images on the laminate itself for the background.  The divas are made up of a variety of vintage images, discarded/salvaged items and assorted embellishments.  Each piece is adorned with scrap fibers and funky ribbons.

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Anonymous said...

Your discard divas are great. I love the idea of using the laminate.