Altered Birthday Card Art Journal - Part 2

Recently (Dec. 23 or 24), I posted a few photos from this fun project where I took my birthday cards that were headed for the recycling bin and turned them in to (what has turned out to be) a funky little art journal.

Here are a few more pages from that journal.


LaurieJay said...

I LOVE this. I must have missed out on how you did a binding.....could you post again?

Joanna Grant said...

Laurie. This art journal is bound only using decorative duct tape. I did all the base coats for the backgrounds of the pages first, and that involved several techniques. Then, after arranging the birthday cards in the order I wanted them in, I just taped them all together. Super simple and gives a cool, funky effect I think.

If you want more details, I will be posting another journal like this in early February and will have photos to show from the very start. The post will be in a couple of parts and will be called "The Great Canadian Travelling Art Journal Challenge," so feel free to watch for it.

Thanks so much for your interest in my art!


Joanna Grant said...

I'm sorry, Laurie, I could have been clearer in my last message. If you look at the four images in this post, you'll see the duct tape. In some cases it is the purple strip you see running vertically down the images and in the others it's the black and white zebra pattern tape. Hope that helps. Joanna

Erin Fish said...

I love this altered art. A brand new adventure for me!

Unknown said...

Love this idea of incorporating birthday cards into your journal. Thanks for sharing.

sandy said...

Thank you for this wonderful idea. I've been saving them for years waiting for an idea of what to do with them.