Altered Art With Game Pieces

As a kid of the 1960s I had this fun game called, "Funny Bones."  It was kind of like Twister but without the sheet of plastic on the floor.  Instead, you used cards with instructions like "connect the hand bone to the hip bone," to contort yourselves into hilarious positions.

Somehow, I ended up keeping that set of cards with me for decades and decades and finally decided I should either get rid of the set or do something with the cards.  Again, like the large sized laminate samples I blogged about on January 20th, they were such a good size and good material onto which to do some altered art.

So, here are some examples of the altered art / mixed media / collage work I made with a few of them.  As always, I used a high content of recycled/reclaimed materials in these pieces, along with vintage images, stamped images, assorted embellishments, paints, inks and other materials.

I hope you enjoy these!


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