We Want Some Old Stuff !!

Came the cry from some of my newer online art friends when they found out how long I'd been doing collage and mixed media work.  "We want to see what else you've done."  Ooo wee, I wonder if they have any idea how MUCH there is.  My goodness!  We could be here for weeks.

Let's ease into this slowly, shall we?  No need to overwhelm 'em, right?

"Can You See Me?" she asked.  "Oh, My Sweet," he smiled, "I See You Even In My Dreams." Mixed media collage on 8X10 recycled matboard with oval cut out and then a separate inner collage.  Vintage images, stamped images, acetate and other recycled materials.  SOLD

"Where Have All The Flowers Gone?  Young Girls Picked Them Every One."  (lyrics from the song by The Kingston Trio).  Collage on recycled matboard and also using reclaimed wallpaper, stamped images and other materials.  Measures about 6X9.

"Roses" is about 10X10 and is a great example of how many different recycled components can go into one piece of art.  The base was just a piece of reclaimed cardboard, covered in scrapbook paper and wrapping paper.  The offset square in the middle is a chipboard bar coaster.  The rectangle behind the central butterfly is a hard plastic bus pass (credit card sized) that has been covered in foil and another foil treatment.  Many of the butterfly and flower images were headed for the trash but found their way to me to re-use.  On the right hangs a handmade dangly embellishment by my fellow collager, Kim from our ZNE days. 

"You Are Always In The Right Place At The Right Time" (SOLD) was about 6X6 and made with recycled cardboard for the base, covered in reclaimed wallpaper and other scrap papers.  The bird was created on a page from an old abandoned book.  Old wire from my husband's workshop is what the piece hangs from.

"The Mysterious" (SOLD) was about 11X14 and incorporates found images, metal findings, old shipping tag, stamped images and other doodads.  I love the quote from Einstein!

"Two Hands" (SOLD) was made to honor our relationship with our pets.  It was about 6X6 and made with recycled cardboard, assorted scrap papers, beads recycled from old jewelry, salvaged wire and an old dictionary page. 

That's probably enough for now.  I will post some more "history" for you another time.  Thanks so much for looking (and thanks to those who asked to see this stuff).  It's been fun going down memory lane.  Namaste, my friends!

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