The Goddess Of Bling Altered Art Doll

I and many of my fellow online artists have spent the past year taking numerous classes with the incredible Joanne Sharpe.  See her blog  here.

She is such a generous soul and she has certainly inspired me and my classmates to push beyond our comfort limits in our art.

One of her recent classes was "Bling It On," and it was all about working with sparkly, glittery materials.  It was SO much fun!

Joanne knows that I am a recycling collage artist first and foremost, so I know she will be pleased when she sees this altered art doll made in her honour.  "The Goddess Of Bling" is about 6" X 7" in total and she is made using some salvaged butterfly wings that were headed to the trash.  Her body is made from a Molson Canadian chipboard beer coaster (painted copper with black swirls and then treated with Golden's Glass Bead Gel medium).  The effect, which doesn't show up well in the scan, is almost like glittery ice.  In fact, at first I thought I'd name her the Ice Goddess.  Recycled filigree jewelry findings, glitter glass and faux gemstones were also used.  I made her face and headdress from FIMO clay. 

Really, the scan does not do the piece justice.  It is SO sparkly and shimmery, and because she is a hanging piece of art she catches the light whenever she moves.

Thanks, Joanne, for being such an inspiration and for become a good friend to us.  I treasure every moment I have spent in your classes and getting to know you a bit better as one of my online pals.



joanne sharpe said...

Jo this is gorgeous!!!!!!! I love love love your artwork my friend! xxoooxox

LaNell said...

Fantastic! What a fun piece Joanna.

Joanna Grant said...

Thank you Joanne, coming from you, that is the highest compliment!

Kristie said...

This is so fun, and especially knowing the intention of it all! :) Always fun to see your things Joanna.

Joanna Grant said...

Thanks so much, Kristie and LaNell. You gals are always SO good for my ego. Ha ha!