We Want Some Old Stuff - Part 3

I told you this would take a while!  Sheesh, I have a lot of stuff in my archives!!  Here are a few more images, as requested, of some of my older work from several years ago.

"Portals" (SOLD)  6X6 collage made of many recycled elements, stamped images and walnut ink.

"Soul Celebration" (SOLD) 6X8 on salvaged masonite and including other reclaimed materials like old jewelry findings and a handmade clay face cabochon.

"Spread Your Wings And Fly" (SOLD)  5X7 mixed media collage on reclaimed masonite, along with acrylic and dimensional paint, findings and vintage images.

"I Have Spread My Dreams Beneath Your Feet.  Tread Softly."  (SOLD)  8X10 collage on recycled cardboard, with salvaged wallpaper, assorted reclaimed stuff and stamped images.  The sun is a clay cabochon (handmade).

"Bohemian Soul #1" (SOLD)  3X5 collage on reclaimed cardboard with various vintage images and other recycled materials.

"Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake" (SOLD), my most favourite quote from Goethe.  Assemblage collage made on an old CD, with stamped images and various found or salvaged items.

Thanks so much for looking at these images.  See you next time!!

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