We Want Some Old Stuff - Part 2

As requested, here are a few more examples of my older pieces (see my previous post for more details on this work):

"The Power Of Imagination Makes Us Infinite" (SOLD)  8X10 collage

"Inner Vision" (SOLD) 6X8 collage on canvas using many recycled and vintage materials.

"Inspired By Nature" (SOLD) mixed media collage on a giant puzzle piece, again using numerous recycled and salvaged materials.  Measures about 6X8 including hanger.

"Keeper Of The Soul"  (SOLD)  3X5 collage incorporating recycled fabric, FIMO face cabochon and puzzle pieces.

"I Have Loved The Stars Too Fondly To Be Fearful Of The Night" (SOLD) 4X5 collage on canvas using moon face and star face cabochons that I molded from Friendly Plastic, along with recycled beads and wire for the hanger.

"The Odd Couple" (SOLD) 3X5 mixed media collage using recycled materials.

"The Other Woman" (SOLD)  4X6 oversized playing card was used for the base, along with walnut ink, repurposed acetate and vintage images.

"There Are Other Worlds To Sing In" (SOLD) 11X14 collage on canvas with multiple recycled materials used including dressmaker's patterns and vintage sheet music.

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