So What's In That Just-Finished Art Journal??

A question, I have been asked a few times so I thought I would post some of the little doodlings and practice pieces from the journal referred to in my post from the other day.

I won't bore you with all of the pages, and some of them are already in this blog in older posts, but I know there's a few that haven't been shared, so here goes.

This one features one of my favourite quotes, "Nothing Is Worth More Than This Day," from Goethe.  It is a hybrid piece using the background I created when taking Joanne Sharpe's "Color Love 101" class and a little practice birdie I made for Juliette Craine's "Whimsical Animals" class. 

I love how this simple little piece came out.  It just goes to show that every background will one day find its match in a central image.

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