We Want Some Old Stuff - Part 5

Following up to the last post about tag art (and the request to see some of my old work from days gone by), I thought you might like to see some tag art dolls I made back then.   I have to say these art dolls were some of the most fun projects I ever did.  They were super simple and very popular with my customers.  I hope you enjoy taking a stroll down Tag Art Doll Memory Lane with me now!

"Take Me In Your Arms. Rock Me, Rock Me A Little While" (from the song by The Doobie Brothers).  (SOLD) doll made of three tags, stamped images, pink safety pins for her legs.

"Soul Serenity: tag art doll (SOLD), using recycled beads (including my own hand rolled paper beads for her arms, brass squigglies for her legs.

"Seek Serenity" tag art doll (SOLD) featuring a handmade clay face cabochon, recycled paper flowers and salvaged beads.

"Open Arms" tag art doll (SOLD) using recycled earrings for her legs and salvaged beads for her arms.

"Nurture Nature" tag art doll (SOLD), using recycled ceramics, clay face cabochon and salvaged beads.

"Nefertiti" tag art doll (SOLD).  Vintage brass squigglies, reclaimed filigree pieces and clay face and headdress (handmade).

"Live Your Dreams" tag art doll.

"Heart And Soul" tag art doll.  (SOLD) vintage filigree, old puzzle pieces (altered) and salvaged beads and jewelry.  In the second photo you can get a closer look at the little pocket on her body that is home to another puzzle piece with "soul" stamped on it and embellished with a heart bead.

"Flower Child" tag art doll.  (SOLD)


Beachstudio said...

Love your tag art dolls! Way to go!

Sharon said...

Awesome! Love all of your dollies, especially Flower Child.

Coleen said...

Great dolls. Now I know what to do with all the tags I have. I love art dolls. I'm inspired. Thanks for sharing with us Joanna on the Art Journaling group.

Happy New Year,
Coleen, an American in Ukraine

Joanna Grant said...

Thank you all, for your thoughtful and generous comments. Coleen, I am glad these dolls inspired you and I would love to see what you come up with using your own tags. Cheers! Joanna