What's On My Work Desk Right Now

Hello again!  I thought you might like to see what I am working on now.  None of these images are of completed work but hopefully someday soon they will be.

I have been trying to force myself to work on a larger scale.  I have always gravitated to producing smaller scale art because it allows me to see results much sooner.  However, I often get asked if I have made or will make larger pieces for customers who want a more significant sized piece of art for their home or office or as a gift for someone else.

These images are from my larger Strathmore journal and each page is 9" X 12".  That may not seem large to you but it is to me!  I usually will have a number of pages on the go at any given time, all at various stages of development. I  like to work this way because more often than not, a page will only get so far in a sitting.  When I feel that I am not going to get any further with a given page, then I will move on to work on another. I never try to force myself to finish a page.  I have always felt that everything comes to me when it is ready to and always have faith that everything gets done when it's supposed to.  Of course, this approach means I have TONS of half-done things on the go at all times, but it also means that often when I get on a real roll, many projects all get finished at the same time too.  And that is a phenomenal feeling of accomplishment!

Anyway, at some point these pages may turn into art for sale.  Or they may remain just as journal pages.  We shall see.  I've made a few notes in the caption of each image so you can see what I am using for materials and techniques with each of these pages.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!


Gelli plate prints, stamped images, recycled materials (for the hands)

All kinds of small scraps of papers glued onto page and then various rubber stamps used.

Gelli plate print plus stamped images

Gelli plate print plus stamped images

Gelli plate print plus flower images from a napkin, dimensional paint, stamped images and face image prints

Gelli print on tissues, flower images from a napkin, Gelli print scraps, rubber stamping

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