UPDATE Great Canadian Travelling Art Journal Challenge

Greetings fellow art journalers!  I thought you would enjoy an interim update on the Great Canadian Travelling Art Journal project that we started back in February.  If you missed that post, click HERE.  You can see what it looked like in its "before" state.

As a reminder to you of how the project got started, I took a few Christmas cards and recycled them into a little art journal that measures about 6" X 6" and has 16 pages in it.  Each artist is doing one page in the journal as it travels across Canada and back.

We've now had half a dozen different artists take a turn at creating a truly unique page in the journal and I must say, we have some phenomenally talented people taking part.   Here are some of the artist's work (each artist is noted below their photos).

Rebecca Uren

Kimberly Ans

Close Up - Kimberly Ans

Close Up - Kimberly Ans

Jane Super
"We are all like the bright moon, we all have our darker side."   Kahlil Gibran

Nancy Allingham
Nancy Allingham

This little journal is going to be a really special, one of a kind treasure when it is done.  I can't wait to see it all finished.  It has one more stop in British Columbia before it heads to New Brunswick and then back across Canada home again.  Stay tuned.  I'll have more updates as our featured artists finish their pages.

Thanks for watching!



Linda Kittmer said...

Can't wait to have at it!

Joanna Banana said...

Thanks, Linda. It's in Victoria right now, then to New Brunswick and then to a number of you in Ontario, before heading to Saskatchewan and Alberta on its way home. It will have put on a lot of miles by the time it gets back to me in BC. Phew!

Jane said...

It is going to be a very special journal, not only special, but GREAT!!

Sandy Sommerfeld said...

FABULOUS! Love the pages! Phewie that I missed getting my page photographed! Looking forward to seeing it all together! Thanks for organizing us with all this Joanna!

Joanna Banana said...

Sandy, when it's all done and back to me, we'll be able to showcase your lovely page then. Not to worry! Cheers! Joanna

rappy said...

WOW!!!!! you ladies are doing an amazing job! what a very cool idea! keep the pics coming...can't wait to see what all of Crazy Canadians create next! HUGS....