May Magnet Madness

By special request from some of my dear followers I am posting photos of some of my original art magnets that are available for sale right now.  These are all one-of-a-kind originals, not prints.  Each is business card sized (2" X 3.5") and made with all kinds of recycled materials and many, many layers of fun and funky little things.  I have been making art magnets for almost 15 years and still never get tired of them.  

Anyway, all of these that are not otherwise marked as "SOLD!" are still available and can be purchased directly from me.  PayPal is easiest but a cheque is fine too.  These are presently listed on my Facebook art page here as well.

Purchased through my blog or Facebook page, I will offer free shipping anywhere in North America.  Magnets are $10.00US each but I always give discounts for multiple purchases.

Hope that answers all questions from those of who you contacted me about the magnets.  Thank you so much for your interest in my work, as always!



Geary Herendeen said...

All are so wonderful Joanna! Really gorgeous and sparkly! I know everyone will want one or more!

Joanna Banana said...

Thank you, Geary, you are so kind to say so! Cheers! Joanna