Simple Journal Pages - Part 4

Hello everyone!  Here's yet another example for you of how to do simple pages in your art journal with your Gelli plate printed papers (or any paper for that matter - doesn't matter if it's Gelli prints or not).

Again, I am using my 5.5" X 8" Strathmore mixed media journal.

In the first photo, I've just glued into the journal one of my bazillions of Gelli plate printed papers and trimmed away the excess.

I wasn't particularly happy with this print, so I decided to add a bit more interest to it by tearing some irregularly shaped strips from another Gelli printed page and gluing those bits to the page too.  Now I like it a bit better.

Next, I created a little character to be the central image of the journal page.  I made the body from an over-sized scrapbooking tag that was kind of dress-shaped or body-shaped.  I cut out some star shapes from yet another piece of Gelli printed paper and adhered them to the dress/body.  There's lots of glitter on this piece, which doesn't show up well in the scans.

I took some stamped images of arms, scanned them, resized them to a variety of lengths and then created a page (8.5" X 11") of arm images in MS Publisher.  My thought was that I could use all these arms in my various characters I make in my art journals and mixed media work.  When the page was filled with all these images, I ran a piece of paper through my printer that was a photocopy of one of my Gelli prints, so that when the arms page was printed, it printed onto this paper.  I hope that is clear, if not let me know and I will try to explain better.  Basically, I now have a Gelli print photocopy of a whole page of sets of arms.

I cut out a set of arms to use for this character and glued them to the body, along with a face (stamped image that is stamped on a different Gelli print paper).

Then, I glued the character onto the journal page.

Lastly, I used my white Gelly Roll pen on the eyes to define them more.  I also glued some buttons down the front of the body and added the text (cut from magazines and then highlighted around with a black permanent marker).

All in all, a great page that really allows all the interesting colors and texture of the Gelli prints to speak for themselves, due in large part I think to the simplicity of it.  Sometimes it really is a good thing to just leave well enough alone.

Namaste, my dear friends!



Anonymous said...

Adore your work Joanna, wish I could be so creative, I have a mixed up mind and I think I just need to let go. Got to just get messy one day and see what happens lol. xxx

Joanna Banana said...

Wendy, I feel the same way about my mind. perhaps the difference between us is that I just go with that and let happen what is going to happen. I'll bet you could produce some awesome stuff if you tried. Would love to see it! Cheers! Joanna

Donna said...

I feel so inspired by your art! I haven't created in awhile so when I see your creations I feel the want to coming back!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the tute, Joanna. The whitening of the eyes mse a huge difference and just brought your little person to life. You are such a good teacher and generous artist. Take care, Jackie

Joanna Banana said...

Donna, that is SO kind of you to say. Thank you! There is no greater reward for me than to feel I've inspired others into doing their own art, in whatever form that takes. Best of luck to you! Joanna

Joanna Banana said...

Jackie, it is always my pleasure to share my techniques and stuff with others. Sometimes I wonder if anyone could possibly be interested in how I do things, and it always surprises me how many people appreciate it. That is hugely rewarding for me. Cheers! Joanna

Win Dinn said...

This looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing the process.