Simple Journal Page - Part 3

I must thank you all for your kind comments and overwhelming support of the recent journal pages I've done with the Gelli plate printed papers I have been cranking out.  It seems you DO find inspiration from these simple pages and that is the whole point for me posting them.  If I can inspire even one of you to try something new and get your "art on" then it's all worthwhile.

Here is another simple journal page, from start to finish.  Nothing close to rocket science about it, but it was fun and done quite quickly which is always satisfying when you have limited art time.

So, the first step was to glue down one of my Gelli plate printed papers to the journal page.  This page was one where I had taken the original, scanned it and then used a filter on the jpg image in Photoshop and then reprinted it.  It kind of looks like it's under glass or sort of watercolor-ish, don't you think?  This is in my 5.5" X 8" Strathmore Mixed Media journal.

Next I took a contrasting piece of Gelli plate printed paper and cut out three flowers.  I will usually work in odd numbers when composing a layout and three works well in this size of journal.  I've had the face image for several years (it is a scan of a ceramic face I used in an original mixed media collage many years ago).  I will often do that, use images from previous work, particularly interesting faces.  Anyway, I glued three copies of the face to some neon yellow paper (salvaged office supplies), trimmed the  faces close, and then adhered them to the flowers.

I took the three flowers and moved them around the page until I knew what spots they would be glued to and then started figuring out how I wanted each flower's stem to appear.  I used my Faber Castell Pitt Pen (black India ink) to doodle the first stem and then glued the first flower into place.  I scribbled around the flower and put dots around the face.

I absolutely love the look of black and white on bold color and knew I wanted to have striped, Zetti-style stems so when the black ink was dry, I took my white gelly roll pen and made the alternating white bands and then drew highlights on the black.

Next, I placed the other two flowers loosely on the page to gauge where they would go and drew their stems in place.  The flowers were then glued down and outlined like the first one, then the white bands and highlighting added.

That's it!  It was a fun and quick page to do and I love how it turned out.  Perhaps you'll try something like this too?  If so, I'd love to see your work!



louise robertson said...

i love your blog, it is so colourful and vibrant. your projects are full of inspiration. i am really looking forward to having a go at the cd challenge you have set for us in the 12 monts in view blog :) best wishes from lou

Linda Kittmer said...

Such fun Joanna. I love the idea of digitally altering the gelli prints. Thanks for the great idea!

Joanna Grant said...

Thank you so much, Louise, you are very kind! I can't wait to see what you'll do with the CD challenge. You are very talented, so I am sure it will be wonderful! Cheers! Joanna

Joanna Grant said...

Linda, you may remember from our Color Love 101 class my lesson on recycling your art. I really believe that we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time we sit down to create art. Using and reusing stuff we've already made makes sense and with all the technology we have at hand today, I think it's great to incorporate into art. Cheers! Joanna

Roberta said...

I too love your blog and this piece is just delightful!

Joanna Grant said...

Thank you, Roberta, that is so kind of you to say. And thanks too for linking with my blog, I hope you'll find my posts inspiring. Cheers! Joanna

annkrier said...

I love these little flower babies ! CUTENESS :)

annkrier said...
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