More Gelli Art Fun - Part 2

So, in my last post I showed you some gelli plate printed pages I had made.

When those pages were dry I scanned them to show them in my blog post.  It occurred to me that I could use those scanned images to print  new pages that could be gelli printed again.  So I printed off a couple color copies of each to experiment with.

Color Laser Printed Copies Of Gelli-Printed Pages

Then I gelli printed those copied pages for even more interesting looks.  You can see where this is headed.  There is no limit to the fun and creative looks you could get if you keep going with this process.

Here are a few samples of them.  These are the pages from my March 7th post, gelli printed again.  I'm on a gelli roll !!


Anonymous said...

Great Idea. I like the new ones even better. My gelli plate should arrive any day now. Can't wait.

Joanna Grant said...

Well, Boo, I think you will become as big an addict as I am. It is SO much fun!
I am going to take these pages now and make new copies of them and then Gelli plate them for a third time. I imagine the effect will be even cooler than the last one.
Stay tuned, I'll post those images soon.

Jane said...

Well, I would have never thought of that. Thanks for the tip and thanks for posting such great stuff!

Joanna Grant said...

You are very welcome, Jane. Stay tuned. I have another blog post coming up on March 21 where I show the third generation of some of these papers and they look even MORE awesome. Cheers! Joanna