Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Top o' the mornin' to ye!  Here's some green art, current and past, which I hope you'll enjoy.

Mixed Media Art On Canvas

"Nature Goddess" Bookmark

"Art On The Brain" Bookmark

"Moonscape" Greeting Card

Art Journal Page

Art Journal Page

Mixed Media Art

Mixed Media Art

"How Old Would You Be If You Didn't Know How Old You Are?" Greeting Card


Ginny Markley said...

Hi Joanna, you always inspire me with you beautiful recycled art so I immediately though of you when I was asked to pass out five blog awards. You can find out the details on my blog post for today at http://ginnymarkley.blogspot.com Hugs!

Joanna Grant said...

Oh, Ginny, you have made my day! Thank you so much for this, I am honored that you, as talented as you are in your own right, draw inspiration from my art. That is SO rewarding for me. Much love to you, my friend! Joanna