New Listings In My Etsy Store

I've been having lots of fun lately destashing my studio supply of art materials. I can't believe how much stuff I have accumulated and how quickly. Especially considering we downsized our home considerably last summer when we moved. Oh well, this artsy thing is a curse, you know. Once people know you recycle stuff into art, they are forever giving you things to re-use. That's great, but it doesn't help keep the art supplies level down to a dull roar!

This greeting card was made with a limited edition print of one of my original collages and then I took a bunch of stickers, doodads and embellishments (given to me by a friend who was just going to throw them out, if you can imagine), to make a whole new original card. I love doing this! It really breathes new life into already existing work and I love being able to offer my customers affordable versions of what originally would have been a more pricey piece of art.

You'll see more of these little goodies in the coming weeks and months. I'm just having too much fun re-creating to stop!

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