Gift Magnet Sets in my Etsy Store

I just listed this little set of three inspirational magnets in my Etsy store today. I've had a number of requests to re-issue, if possible, some of my vintage inspirational magnets that I created some years ago now.So, I dusted off the cobwebs on the ol' hard drive and found these little treasures.

When I look at them now, all these years later, I can see why they are still so popular with my customers. I love the beautiful vintage images and I am still proud of the care I took in finding just the right quote to go with each special image.

At the time, I had no idea how hugely receptive my customers would be to these mini works of art. I can't even tell you how many buyers wrote to thank me for the impact a simple little magnet had on their loved ones in times of need. Now that is what makes doing this all worthwhile!

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