New Art Tags / Bookmarks

I've been having so much fun lately getting back into making art tags/bookmarks. Those of you who knew me in the old days of Ebay Art (and ZNE) know that I did a ton of these and I was so lucky to have a real demand for them from altered book artists/journalists who wanted to incorporate these little goodies into their own artwork.

Anyway, this bunch of five were done completely with recycled materials. I started out with some old bookmark/tag blanks that had been lying around forever and did a really rough paint treatment on them. Then I created centerpieces using all kinds of vintage images, scans of my own original collage art and other found items. It was great fun seening the juxtaposition of the rough paint treatment against the funky and crazy stickers and doodads that came from a friend who hoped I would recycle them rather than she throwing them out. Lastly, it was great to use up some of my huge stash of recycled funky fibers to top off the tag/bookmark.

These will be listed as gift items in my Studio and my Etsy Store.

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