Gelli Printing Enthusiasts - BLOG HOP

I am happy to participate in this fun event organized by Michelle Reynolds who is the administrator of one of our Facebook groups, Gelli Printing Enthusiasts.

I have been gelli printing ever since the Gelli Arts people released their wonderful gelli plates a couple of years ago.  I have to say it has added SO much to my repertoire of skills to use in my mixed media and collage art.  As a longtime mixed media artist, I sometimes feel like I need to inject something new and fresh into my work.  Gelli plate printing was just the ticket for me and there's been no looking back.  I've made bazillions of prints and even taught an online class this summer on making art journals with gelli prints and recycled materials.  

Today, I wanted to share with you some ideas of the range of things you can make with your gelli prints.  The sky really is the limit and I would encourage you to use your imagination to its fullest here.  So often, I hear from my students or followers that they just don't know what to do with all these prints they are making.  Well, here are some ideas for you.  Each photo has a caption underneath it describing how the piece was made.

"Moon Goddess" was made with a recycled shipping tag
that was gelli printed on both sides.  I used a second
print for the face and stamped images for her "hair."
Funky fibers and some stick-on sparkly doodads
complete the piece.

"Full Moon On The 26" is an altered tag art doll.
The tag was gelli printed on both sides and then I used
salvaged beads and jewelry bits for the arms and
legs, and other recycled items for the head.
It's about 4.5" tall

"A Breath Of Fresh Air" was created on a
recycled CD for the base.  I glued a gelli print
onto the CD, then used other gelli prints to make
the little person, along with stamped images
and other collage elements.  It measures 4.75".

Artist Trading Cards - made with gelli prints
for the backgrounds and then stamped images
(Teesha Moore) and collage elements to finish them off.

Bookmarks - you can wrap a gelli print around
a piece of cardstock or cardboard and make
funky bookmarks.  Here I did that and added some
fun little collage characters to complete each piece.

Gelli Print Art Magnets - here I took gelli scraps
and adhered them to sticky-backed sheet magnets
and then collaged on top.  Each is 2" X 3.5"

Use your gelli scraps and your rubber stamps
to make fun little collage elements for other projects.

Use your gelli scraps and your rubber stampsto make fun little collage elements for other projects.

Gellii prints glued to recycled CDs which
will be used to make mixed media art magnets

Use a template to draw out this bow pattern
on the back of a gelli print, cut out and
assemble for one-of-a-kind gift ornaments.

There are so many more uses for those gelli prints but I'd better stop now so you can move along in your blog hop.  I hope I've sparked your imagination as to just a couple of fun and creative things you too can try.
Enjoy the rest of the hop!

Here's the list of other participants in this fun blog hop:

Wednesday 15th Oct Michelle Reynolds
Thursday 16th Oct Joanna Grant
Friday 17th Oct Jacques Williamos
Saturday 18th Oct Linda Stokes
Sunday 19th Oct Phillippa Montier
Monday 20th Oct Lauri Crowe
Tuesday 21st Oct Gail Schmidt
Wednesday 22nd Oct Tami Sturm Howse


Shells said...

Great blogpost, thanks for joining in with the blog hop.

Gill said...
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Gill said...

What fun - thanks for the great ideas!!

Nerdy Owl said...

Beautiful work! Those bows are killin' me. I'm going to try to make some really big ones and put them all over my daughter's bedroom walls.

Linda Stokes said...

Great work and loads of inspiration!

Junikind said...

I simply LOVE, what you are doing with the Gelli Plate. Always keep going on, so that I can enjoy your artwork ;-) ;-) ;-) !!
Greetings from Germany, Junikind Heike

geminisinger said...

Fantastic ideas, Joanna. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

Martice Smith II said...

Wow! You really have some great ideas here, Joanna! I especially love the bows and the tags with the fabric scraps. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Connie Calderon said...

Awesome!! I just started using the Gelli plate this past weekend and i must say, 'It's totally addicting"!! I can't wait to try my hand at some of these projects. I'm thinking they would make wonderful personalized Christmas gifts!! Thanks so much Joanna!!

Denise Spillane said...

Hi, love the examples. I follow the group on FB which I love too. I am definitely addicted. I bake book covers, fabric paper, ornaments, and so much more with my gelli plates. I am missing the round one but have several other sizes. Love my gelli and can't go without. Thanks for the hop. I am always looking forward to learning more.

Jane said...

Thanks for all these excellent ideas!!! Everything you have shown is super great. Great inspiration.

Textile Recycler said...

I always love to see what you do...makes my heart race :)

Deborah Jennings said...

Okay, if I wasn't convinced by your last post of tags, I am now. I will try using tags, artist trading cards and other smaller cards with my plate. I can see the benefit of doing so. I also really love the bows and I am going off to make some of those now. Thanks Joanna

Coleen said...

Joanna, you clever girl you. Had to pin some of these to trigger my own ideas that popped up as I scrolled. One of which is that I have a lot of charms. I'm no longer going to swap any of the hands, feet or boots. Teejee!!!

itsamistry said...

I love all your projects they are bright and fun. Anita

Beachstudio said...

Your projects are fantabulous! I always enjoy your colorful art! Great blog hop thank you for sharing!

pfstuff said...

These are beautiful-lots of ideas here to play with. Thanks for sharing!

Melva said...

Great idea. Thanks for your tutorial.

Joanna Grant Art said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments, I appreciate it. And thanks to our friend Michelle Reynolds for being the mastermind behind this fun blog hop. Cheers! Joanna

Linda W said...

Thanks for sharing all of these ideas. I'm new to Gelli prints and can imagine the stacks of them slowly (or quickly) filling up my studio. Especially like the bookmarks and magnets, in addition to journal pages and covers. Again, thank you!

maria ishfaq said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Are you inspiring! I never imagined using the gelli prints in such ways as you provided! You are so creative and this hop is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.