Collaborative Art With Belinda Dworak - Part 2

Last week I shared with you a piece that my art friend Belinda Dworak started and that I finished.  This week we'll do the reverse.

I started this piece a very long time ago.  The substrate was a piece of scrap matboard about 8X10.  I did some different mixed media techniques on it in paint and spray inks, along with some collaged elements in the background (vintage text and scraps of paper).  Then, I covered it with some sheer ribbon that was about four inches wide and which had a beautiful metallic swirl pattern on it.  I used Mod Podge to adhere the ribbon to the substrate and then painted some glitter glue over the surface for a bit more sparkle.

The angel is an ornament I made from a recycled Christmas card.  If you check my blog posts from the end of 2013 (around December 27 or so), you'll see I posted a tutorial on how to make these ornaments.  It's hard to see in the photo, but it is 3D and the arms are folded a bit forward.  Her head is made from a flattened bottle cap, stamped face image and a circle of resin.  Ribbon and sparkly embellishments finish off the angel and she was glued to the substate with white glue.  And then this piece sat for many months until I finally exchanged it with Belinda.

Here are Belinda's notes and photos about what she did with this piece when she got it:

Belinda:  I first attached Joanna's art work to a canvas board using Golden Heavy Gel Matte Medium to help keep her piece from curling.  I use a lot of liquid paint and water when I work on my own art and it can cause the edges to roll or curl.  By attaching her piece to a canvas board, it stabilizes the piece.

Belinda:  Next I added some Golden Matte Medium.  I then started adding a tree using Liquitex brown for the trunk and a mix of greens and off-white for the tree top.

Belinda:  I then added more outline around the tree trunk and more greens to the top of the tree.  I wanted to make the angel's wings pop, so I mixed together some neon greens with white acrylic and some paint that has a bit of shine to it.  I really liked the color once I applied it around the wings.  I then mixed some golden yellows and white to paint around the bottom of the angel and canvas.

Belinda:  At this point in my process I am continuing to fill in and paint the elements I have already created.

Belinda:  I stopped at this point and left the painting sit overnight to dry and to think about what I was going to do next.

Belinda:  I decided to put an inspirational balloon of sorts above the angel.  I used my own art sheets to tear strips from and then proceeded to stamp words on each strip.  I layered the strips above the angel's head with Golden Matte Medium.  Not knowing if this was going to work, I just continued on.  Once all the word strips were down, I filled in the balloon with tiny plain strips from the same art sheet.  I then went back and painted where there were no strips to form my balloon.  I used a white signo pen to go around the strips to shape my balloon.

Belinda:  You will see in the finished painting that I used some vintage linen thread to attach to the bottom of the balloon and wrap around the angel's hand.  I also added some blue at the top to create a little sky effect and reshape the tree top.  The tree trunk or base was a little too dark for me.  I added some stamped words with white ink to lighten it up.  I carried the stamping to some other parts of the canvas too.  This is the final finished canvas.

I think Belinda did a tremendous job finishing off this piece of art, don't you?  It has been so much fun to work with her on these projects and finally see some half-finished works complete.  Stay tuned for the coming weeks as we each have one more piece of the other's art to finish off and I'll be posting about both of them soon.

Have a great week, my friends!



Vario Creative Art said...

Love how this turned out! Wonderful job!!!

BeBe Dworak said...

Thank you Vario Creative Art. I enjoyed collaborating with Joanna. Joanna gave me a great base to start with. Thanks Joanna.