Collaborative Art With Ginny Markley


A while ago, the light bulb went on for me about what I could do with several of my half-finished pieces of art.  I have so many art projects on the go at any given time and sometimes they can sit around for months before I get back to them.  And while I have every confidence that at some point my muse will know exactly how I should finish off those pieces, it also feels good to get them done.

So, what was my inspiration?  I decided I would approach some of my favourite arty friends to see if they wanted to take one of my half-finished pieces and complete it with their own "take" on it.  I just knew whatever they did would be fabulous and it was very exciting to think of all the possibilities of how the pieces would end up.

One of the first to step on the bandwagon was my friend Ginny Markley and you can find her blog here.

Ginny is wonderfully talented and she and I have the same funky, quirky style in many respects.  I was very excited to work with her on this project.

Here's what I sent to her.

This started with a substrate of salvaged mat board about 7" X 9".  I covered it in recycled wallpaper for the background.  The central image is a color laser print from my collection of vintage images.  I also added several layers of different types of paint, along with some swirly bits I had cut with my Silhouette machine as practice.  Some vintage text from an old book also appears in the bottom right (behind the leaf).

And then that's as far as I got with her and where she was when Ginny received her.

Here is the finished piece after Ginny got her hands on it.

And here is what Ginny had to say about her work on the piece:

"I first used paint pens to lighten, deepen and add color.  I added lots of dots with gel pens (I love making dots ... my favorite thing to draw).  Next came the yellow line (I changed it three times before I settled on orange) to add interest because at that point everything looked pretty much the same.  Then it hit me ... I decided I had to get rid of the "Princess Leia" buns.  I first thought that I would just add flowers to surround her head but while looking for the flowers, I found a magazine clipping of a Mardi Gras mask which was the perfect size.  Now what are the chances of finding a mask that was the perfect size, perfect color and perfect style?  I think that your muse was talking to my muse.  LOL!  Anyway, I decided that I had to go for it and use the mask!  Also, at the same time I found the magazine clipping of the "dream" sign.  The colors were perfect and did not overpower the rest of the painting."

I am absolutely thrilled with how this piece turned out and can't thank Ginny enough for taking it above and beyond where I would ever go with it.

Oh, and Ginny sent me her own half-done piece for me to work on, so I will be blogging about that in the future too.  Stay tuned!

Thanks, Ginny, what a fun project this was!



Kristie said...

What a fun idea! I love the way your collaborative piece turned out!

rappy said...

ewwwww....awwwww!!!! what an awesome collaboration! this is amazing! Both of your styles really compliments the other! i love love love it!
Two of my favorite art peeps rockin the mixed media! big hugs! love it girls!

Ginny Markley said...

Great post Joanna and it was great fun collaborating with you on one of your unfinished pieces. I would recommend the process to anyone. Can't wait to see what you do with the piece that I sent you! Hugs!

Danie May said...

What a wonderful Collaborative Project Joanna, such beautiful details all round to explore and admire. And what a wonderful way to get your unfinished projects finished. Thanks for sharing it with us over at Unruly PaperArts. xx

Betty Franks said...

Wow, you are both very talented ladies! I just love the before and after!!

Gina Cangin said...

So amazing!!! Love your work! <3

Joanna Banana said...

Thanks everyone, it was so fun. I'll be sure to post a photo of the piece Ginny started off and which I will finish.

StampDancer said...

I liked the original but I have to say the end result is fabulous fun!