Quick & Easy Gelli Print Greeting Cards

Hello everyone!  Hope you've had a great summer.  I've been taking a break from the blogging to enjoy the fabulous weather and recharge the batteries.  As I ease back into doing blog posts I thought you'd like to see my process for creating some simple greeting cards with my Gelli plate prints.

While wading through my huge supply of art supplies, it dawned on me that (1) I have way too many greeting card blanks; and (2) I have always loved making handmade greeting cards so why the heck hadn't I made any with the bazillions of Gelli prints I have?  
So, here's what I did.  The package of card blanks had four different vivid colors that I thought would go well with my Gelli prints.  The cards come flat so a few seconds with the bone folder and I have some great 4" X 5.5" blank cards to work with.

Blank Greeting Cards

 Then I took some photocopies of my Gelli plate prints that I had been playing with in MS Publisher, and cut rectangles about 3.5" X 5" and with a glue stick adhered them to the cards.  This size gave me a nice border of the card showing around the Gelli print of about a quarter inch.  With black permanent marker and my favourite white Signo Uniball pen, I did some doodling to add interest.

Photocopies Of Gelli Plate Prints

Greeting Card With Gelli Plate Print (Enhanced With Doodling)

Greeting Card With Gelli Plate Print (Enhanced With Doodling)

Greeting Card With Gelli Plate Print (Enhanced With Doodling)

I decided to keep these cards simple because I liked the backgrounds so much and didn't want to take a way from them too much by adding a lot of elements on top of them.  In some cases, I only added a simple sentiment.  In others, I added some more Gelli plate prints or stamped images.

Finished Greeting Cards

Finished Greeting Cards

Finished Greeting Cards

I love how they turned out and how the bright cardstock complements the Gelli prints.  And what a quick and easy project!

I think I will have to make more of these!



Jackie said...

Great idea Joanna! And homemade cards are always the best! I think this is going to be on my Christmas list this year. Thanks, Jackie

Anne Gratton said...

Love love love this!!! Great work Joanna!

Coleen said...

Nice work, Joanna. I love the doodling and great color combos. I"m doing cards with my ladies soon so I may have to try something like this.

Happy Day, Coleen in Ukraine

Pastamama said...

Great examples and instructions for awesome cards. We all have bits and pieces that can be put together and with your great suggestions it gives the added punch to make a good card GREAT! Can't wait to try them out. The doodling has been such a joy to do each day in a small notebook. Try to make one a day and date them. Lots of fun to see how they change from day to day. TY so much Joanna for sharing so many wonderful ideas.

geminisinger said...

Well, you didn't disappoint, Joanna. Your tutorial was worth the wait! I love your designs and the doodling on top. Thanks for sharing your process with us. I always appreciate generous artists!
Jackie Davidson

Barb B said...

These are wonderful, Joanna. Great idea to make copies of the Gelli prints!

Joanna Banana said...

Thanks everyone, it is always my absolute pleasure to share what I'm doing with others. If it inspires even one person, it is all so worth it! XOXOX Joanna

Anoosh Iqbal said...

Gelli Printing is an amazing project to try. You are so good at it. I want to try the techniques and textures you have used. You must also check out this book by Altered Upcycling, they seem inspiring too.