PLEASE NOTE:  This list is being updated regularly because of the number of participants who indicated they were going to take part in the Art Swap but who are now backing out.  This means I may have to juggle some of you around a bit. Be sure to contact me directly if you have any question about who your partner is.

Here’s the list of participants partnered up.  Please send a message via the Color Love Facebook page to your partner as soon as you can and exchange mailing addresses.  Again, please be prompt about sending your piece of art to your partner.  If you run into delays in sending it, please let them know.

If you don’t see your name on this list and want to participate, please send me a message and I will do my best to partner you up with someone.

Thank you and have fun!

Joanna Grant

Gina Shillitani                                       Bhupali Gupte                                           Lynn Lucas
Jo Seymour                                          Ann Kristen Krier                                      Els Kovacs

Linda Rapchak                                      Siobhan Brignull                                      Carolyn Mac Intosh
Barbara Poe                                         Barb Browne                                            Amista Nielson

Lynna Satin Demay                               Jerri Matthews Thompson                        Dee Ryder
Linda Moore                                          Ann Miller                                                    Kathie Gadd

Erin Fish                                               Nickalli Bascochea-Braaten                   
Joan Waites                                         Timi Bronson                                            

Heidi Bound                                          Helen Huppertz                                       
Margarette Muster                                Diane Craft Mascolo                            

Tina Gray-Siebers                                Lori Bradford                                        
Laurie May                                           Sharon Denney Parcel                         

Beverly French Davis                           Joanne Sharpe                                       
Jill Cole-Adamy                                    Melanie Kuka                                       

Kari Jo Callison                                    Jean McNutty                                      
Teresa Kepler                                    Deb Thompson-Boring                            

LaNell Callon Taylor                              Robin Anderson
Joanna Grant                                          Sandy Sommerfeld

Susan Jensen                                       Isabelle Savignac 
Carolyn Coyle                                       Kimberly Ans

Leslie Lubell Williamson                       Sherry Pollack                                
Deborah Belica                                      Kelly Stone Reich              

Kathy Miller                                                     
Sheila Parker Bunney                          

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