Art Journal Update

I was asked to post some sample pictures of one of my art journals to this blog, so here we go.

This was a journal that I made from large scale scrapbook paper, bound together with embroidery floss.  I'd have to say in hindsight, that I should have used heavier weight paper but I wanted to use this stuff up and fortunately it has stood up to the task I gave it.  The journal ended up being about 9X12 and quite thick when I was done because I incorporated a lot of 3D elements into it.

I can't say that it is completely done.  Knowing me, I will continue to add bits and pieces here and there whenever the mood strikes.  I do like how it's turned out, combining my love for collage, doodling, recycling and all things mixed media.

Here are pages one and two.  The mahjonng pieces and watch face are real.  Lots of vintage images, stamped images, acetate and a variety of paint and finish techniques were used here.  They are actually a bit brighter than the scan shows.

Pages three and four have a real zetti feel to them.  I don't know what it is about zettiology, but I still love it so much.  It must be how funky and whimsical it is.  The mask is a 3D piece made from resin.

Pages five and six were at a state of doneness with the images in place when I took Joanne Sharpe's Letter Love 101 online course early in 2012.  This was one of the first practice pieces I did for lettering and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out (considering I had no idea what I was doing).  The lettering is reference to the wonderful old vintage poster images I used in the lower left and upper right of the two-page spread.  Back in the day when these images were created, everything was done with sheer artistic talent.  There was no digital art, no way to manipulate things with technology, just incredibly gifted artists creating such beautiful work.   I really appreciate that.

Thati's it for today.  I'll post more images from this journal as time allows.  I hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you.

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