"Honor"  (Namaste - I honor the light in you)

Hello friends;

I thought I'd share with you some of my recent listings in my Etsy store of a new line of limited edition art magnets I have had made.

These are all reproductions of my original mixed media work.  Each magnet is about 4" X 5.5" and has a semi-glossy professional finish to it.

They make great gift ideas (easily mail one in a standard No. 10 envelope).  You can jazz up your kitchen appliances or those boring office filing cabinets too!

More designs to come so stay tuned.

Thanks for looking!

"Enjoy The Journey"

"Sing Your Song"


Blanca Hoffman said...

I must say, your works of art are fantastic. Psychedelic use of colors. I lev everything. It's really cool that you have those front and center on your blog, and your the online shops for all to see. May you continue to suceed all the way! All the best!

Blanca Hoffman @ Marketing The Product

Travis White said...

I'm definitely in awe of your amazing use of colors. It's hard to achieve an earthly look without having the illustration look so cramped and forced, which is the main reason why artists follow the color theory. Although I have to admit, your experimental use of several colors resulted to such beautiful artworks. Kudos to you, and more power to your business!

Travis White @ Marketing Digest

Ann Boone said...

Wow! First of all, your blog banner is totally on point. I can say it's one of the best art designs for websites out there. Second, your works are magnificent. Your style is very rare, but they all look great and complimenting. The content, the color balance and those doodle-like patterns are all beautiful and perfect. Thanks for sharing that, Joanna! Kudos and more power to you!

Ann Boone @ Apex Business Team