FINALLY - Great Canadian Art Journal Project Is Done !!!

Hello everyone!

Well, it's almost a year after its launch, but we have finally finished our Great Canadian Travelling Art Journal Project and I have to say it has turned out most spectacularly!!

Starting in February, 2013, this little handmade art journal (6" X 6") made the rounds to 14 different Canadian mixed media artists from coast to coast, who each created a page (or more).

The journal was made by me from recycled greeting cards.  If you missed the post last year on that, here is the link so you can see how I created it, as well as the "before" shots of the pages of the journal prior to our artists getting their hands on 'em.

Making of the Art Journal

I am so pleased to now be able to share with you the finished pages of the whole journal.

Page 1 By Kimberly Ans
Page 2 By Karen Dearborn

Page 3 By Sandy Sommerfeld

Page 6 By Nancy Allingham

Tag Inserts By Nancy Allingham

Page 7 By Linda Kittmer

Page 8 By Becky Uren

Page 9 By Erin Fish

Page 10 By Kim Beinschroth

Page 11 By Norina Morris

Accordian Book Insert By Norina Morris

Page 12 By Jane Super

Page 13 By Lori Bradford

Page 14 By Nancy Morin

Back Cover By Jenny Sept

I want to personally thank the wonderful artists who took part in this project.  They are:

Jenny Sept
Erin Fish
Jane Super
Nancy Morin
Becky Uren
Nancy Allingham
Karen Dearborn
Linda Kittmer
Kim Beinschroth
Lori Bradford
Kimberly Ans
Norina Morris
Sandy Sommerfeld

Now that the journal is done, the group has agreed to auction it off for charity.  I will be listing the journal shortly on either Ebay or Etsy and proceeds raised from the sale of it will benefit the SPCA.  If this project and charity resonate with you, please bid on the journal to help our cause.

Thank you so much!


Erin Fish said...

Joanna - it looks fabulous! Congratulations on such a wonderful work of art! Very inspiring, creative and diverse - as is our country. Well done my friend!

Norina said...

It was an honour to be part of this wonderful project! Thank you and congrats, Joanna!!

Betty Franks said...

Wow, fabulous journal! What a wonderful way to get others involved and benefit a charity!

karmasong said...

This is really cool! Can we do one for artists in the US?

Joanna Banana said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Erin and Norina it was such a pleasure to work with you on this project.
Anyone can do this anywhere so if a group of US artists wants to do it, by all means. It is lots of fun!
Cheers all!

Jen said...

Those pages are absolutely fantastic - what a talented group of ladies worked on this project!

Sandy Sommerfeld said...

Seeing it all together is awesome! Thank you for organizing us Canucks and it's just fabulous!

Sandy S

Shelley Whiting said...

Your journals are very fun and stylish. Wonderful and enjoyable work.

Linda Kittmer said...

Wow! The finished journal looks fabulous! Thanks for this great idea Joanna. It was fun to be a part of it!