Mixed Media Greeting Cards - Part 1

I've been making handmade greeting cards for about 20 years, the last 15 of which mostly focusing on mixed media.  I love making them and hope that the giving of a real card that you can hold in your hand has not become a lost art.  You wonder sometimes, with e-cards becoming so popular, as well as how easy it is to send a sentiment by Facebook, Twitter, or phone.

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a few of my handmade cards.  I use all sorts of things to make them including:

  • prints of my own work;
  • vintage images;
  • reclaimed scrapbooking materials
  • old wallpaper, dictionary and book pages;
  • paint, markers, dyes and inks;
  • recycled office supplies;
  • dimensional paint and glitter;
  • maps, sheet music, etc;
  • stamped images

and almost anything else I lay my hands on.

Here are a few samples.  I'll post more next week.

Cheers, my friends!


Cheeka said...

These are all so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

Ginny Markley said...

These are gorgeous! I hope that the art of giving cards never goes out of style...especially handmade cards!

Theresa Plas said...

Su fun and colorful! Thanks for sharing Joanna! I love your blog header too:)

geminisinger said...

I love these Joanna~so creative and fun! I enjoy seeing your work on The Studio...FB

Erin Fish said...

These are gorgeous. My favourite is the one with the butterflies and the little one wearing her crown!

Jennifer said...

I love these! They're all so much fun! :-)