Goddess Paper Dolls

I love it when I'm rooting through the overwhelming collection of art and supplies I have and uncover a treasure I had forgotten about.  Such is the case with these little goodies.  I was working on them several months ago and somehow, in the move to my new home, they got waylaid.  Until now.

I had been given a big stash of glittery bits and bobs from a friend who was going to throw the lot out.  Can you imagine??  Anyway, all the sparkly things got me thinking about a couple of patterns I had for goddess dolls and mermaid dolls and here are a couple of the results.  They are made with assorted reclaimed papers, recycled wallpaper (an old standby of mine), along with all sorts of doodads that had been headed for the trash until I intercepted them.

I think that ultimately I will use some wire and funky beads to finish off these dolls, but in the meantime I thought you'd like to see them.

(Watermarks do not appear on the originals.  Each doll is at least 8" tall.)

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