A Simple Journal Page With Gelli-Printed Paper - Part 2

Hello again, everyone.  This post is a follow up to the one I did on March 15, where I showed you a simple journal page using one of the bazillion Gelli-printed pages I had made recently.  Here is another one and it is my hope that these pages will inspire you.

The Gelli-printed paper I used for this page was on typing paper (flimsy stuff only a bit stronger than tissue but wonderful to use in mixed media work because it almost melts into the background).  I glued it into my Strathmore Mixed Media journal (5.5 X 8) using a glue stick.  I just ripped the excess paper that was overhanging the edges of the page for a rough, unfinished look (doesn't show in photo below).

Next I outlined the faint white hearts you can see in the image with black ink.  Then I cut out a heart from contrasting Gelli-printed paper and glued it to the page.  It was outlined with black ink too and a sentiment added to it.

After a bit of dithering about where to go from here with this page, I added a couple more of those hearts (cut from yet another different paper) and outlined them with black ink.

And lastly, I added some more small heart images and the central vintage image of the couple to go with the sentiment.  I often work this way, deciding on the sentiment first before having the main image to go with it.  Other times, I have the image I want to use and come up with the sentiment to match.

As with the last post, another easy peasy art journal page.  Hope you're not sick of hearing me drone on about Gelli plate printed papers.  They really are SO much fun!

Thanks for stopping by!



Julie Gillespie said...

Beautiful page! I'm hooked on Gelli printing as well and am always looking for ways to use my pages to create journal pages and other items. http://allthatglittersscrapbooking.blogspot.ca/

Joanna Grant Art said...

Thanks, Julie, I'm going to pop on over to visit your blog too. Cheers! Joanna

Coleen said...

Lovely page, Joanna. You just inspired me to get out my paints and I had some fun doing backgrounds in my altered book. And I do like vintage. Such a sweet couple...real people who were in a real time and place when that pic was taken.

Coleen in Ukraine

Joanna Grant Art said...

Awesome, Coleen. It is always so gratifying to inspire someone else to be creative! I like that simpler time, too! Cheers! Joanna