A Simple Journal Page With Gelli Printed Paper - Part 1

I thought you might like to see how easily you can use all those Gelli Plate printed papers in simple art journal pages.

I am using my Strathmore Mixed Media art journal (5.5" X 8").

First I took one of my gelli printed papers and glued it onto a page in my art journal, using a gluestick.  I just ripped the excess paper from the edges and left it rough looking and unfinished (although that doesn't show in the photo below).

Gelli-printed page glued into art journal

Next, I cut a heart shape from another contrasting piece of Gelli-printed paper and glued it to the page, adding some text.  I outlined the heart and the sentiment with black pen.

And finally I chose a vintage image to go with the sentiment in the heart and glued that to the page.

That's it!  How easy was that?  I am really happy with how this journal page turned out.  I like how the sweet, vintage image juxtaposes with the grungyness of the Gelli-printed papers, don't you?  I admit I did have a bit of trouble leaving this page so simple and resisting the urge to add more stuff to it, but common sense (and my appreciation for minimalism) prevailed.

C'mon now, you can do it too!  Get out that Gelli plate you bought but haven't tried yet and give it a go.  It is SO easy and SO much fun!  I'll have another similar page and instructions coming up next time around.  Thanks for tuning in!



Kate Burroughs said...

Great page! Thanks for inspiring me, I haven't taken my Gelli Plate out of the package yet, other than to look at it. Hope to have some time to play with it soon.
Aloha, Kate

Erin Fish said...

I love this tutorial. My Gelli Plate is at home and will be the first thing I work with when we arrive home. Thank you for the inspiration.

Jane said...

Looks great! Thanks for sharing. I love my geliii plate, and need to use it more.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I really like the vintage girl on the grungy background. I plan to play with my gelli plate today!

Joanna Grant Art said...

Thanks, ladies, I always so appreciate your comments. I look forward to seeing what YOU do with your Gelli plate! Cheers! Joanna