Using Humor In Art

A close second to my love of using inspirational quotes in my art work is the use of humor.  I have created a huge amount of mixed media, collage and altered art that has sarcastic and irreverent humor as its base.  It just is SO me, what can I say.

When I first started using humor in my art (in my two lines of funny magnet art), I was a little worried.  I wasn't sure anyone else had the same sense of humor that I did.  As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about at all.  Everyone loved the magnets (and greeting cards which came next) and I still sell them to this day at my art shows.  I'll do a post about some of them another time.  In the meantime, a number of other people have had great success with this type of humor, often paired with vintage images as I did.  If you've seen Anne Taintor's stuff, you'll know what mine is like.

Following are some examples of some other art pieces I created using recycled drink coasters as the substrate, along with salvaged papers, vintage images, discarded embellishments and scrap ribbon for hangers.

Hope you have a laugh!



Donna said...

I love the Humor in your art!!

Joanna Grant Art said...

Thank you, Donna. Sometimes I think I am too irreverent for my own good, but then I hear from others that they have the same sense of humor. Whew! Joanna